Example Environments

3D Modeling/CAD

With 23 years of production experience, 3DPRO has contributed to over 17 AAA titles - and is now expanding into the explosive Mobile App market  as well. Our extensive library of assets make us the ideal choice for  your next inspiration.


Animation and Rigging

Rigging & Animation

When the last poly is in place and the texture mapping is perfect, it's  time to get the rig just right - we're dedicated to both figure and  facial rigging - with expert animation to match. Knowing how they work  together is the key to a smooth production pipeline.

Web Media & Brand Promotion

YouTube Video Production

Video Storytelling

Short-Form video storytelling is one of the most effective ways to reach a Mobile Web audience. 3DPRO specializes in the creation of  video for YouTube, Vimeo, and Self-Hosted media of all types.

Phone Scene Final_0650

Using the most advanced Content Creation tools, combining 2D and 3D assets, we provide specialty Website media for some of the World’s most successful brands.  Lufthansa, Microsoft, NBC/Universal, Disney SKG, Activision, and many others are among our satisfied clients.  Working closely with our clients Marketing and Creative staff, 3DPRO is a seasoned resource for innovative Web Media - as well as “Internal Only” sales and marketing assets.  Interactive PDF, streaming video, dynamic visuals of all types... are part of our service offering. 

Streaming Live 3D Content for E-Commerce

For the ultimate in interactive 3D content, for either E-Commerce or Entertainment, use one of the new Live 3D streaming players;  see detail in any model interactively, zoom in close, tumble, or use live Annotations to highlight product features.